I drew one of Mrs. Davis' dogs, Buttons. 

Finished picture below:


As you can see I didn't get it just like the photo, but I had to change it a little to make it look right.  

Little Drawings

Some little drawings I did on trips or just at home. 

This one I painted at home before bed.

The cats I used pens and the grasshopper I painted. I drew them for a friend, I was visiting her family at the time I drew them. The cats are hers and the grasshopper is from a picture she took of one while back that looked really cool. 

This one I drew a week ago in church. 

This Arab I drew with pens at home. 

Gold Legend

This one took me awhile to finish. It's very hard for me to know how long it takes me to draw my art. I'm guessing around two and a half hours but I really don't know because this one I would stop for most of the day and continue at night or the next day so I didn't do it all in one sitting of course. 

Pen Art

I bought new pens to try out! I've never tried this kind of art before but I was inspired by one of my favorite artists Aaron Blaise. He did some amazing Inktober art work that I had to get some of the same pens he had to try it out myself!!

Here's the first art piece I did with my new pens! :D

FaberCastell Pitt Pen B Gray Tones, Gelly Roll white pen, Pitt Big Brush Pen and 101 white, Strathmore Toned Sketch Book.

My Birthday

I haven't been working very much with the horses recently. The weather started getting colder and it's harder for me to work with Ruby in the rain (especially riding). I've also been busy with daily stuff and my birthday which was on October 23 along with my twin brother Nicholas. We're finally 15 now! I'm very excited about the presents my family and friends got me! I can never think of anything I want when it comes to my birthday but this time. I had my eyes on Clinton Anderson stuff. I got a Clinton Anderson cowboy hat which unfortunately was a little too small but I'll be able to return that one for a size up. I got a Clinton Anderson vest and hoodie that are so cool!!! I'll be able to wear that all winter! Here is a picture of me (without the hoodie though). I do have my Clinton Anderson halter and lunge line:

Besides that I got a lot of edible gifts from friends and we had two different days of soccer which we played till the lights were turned off. :D

Finding Surprises and Solving the Problem

In my last post I said I was having trouble backing Ruby. I went down to muck the paddock and clean the trough and had a little time left over to play around with the horses. I brushed and combed Ruby and Sugar and then took out the stick and string. I used the stick and string to back up both of the horses. Sugar, of course, did a great job but Ruby wasn't any better. I worked a little with her and had to make the level of pressure higher on her until she moved. I think it was because I was afraid of scaring her if I got the pressure higher and she found out I was so she became disrespectful. This time though I took it a few steps further and surprised her that I was really able to get rough with her if she doesn't listen to me. In fact after that she started responding faster! I hope I'll be tough enough to do it when we're outside the paddock. I think I feel worried not wanting anything to go wrong and then mess up showing Ruby loopholes where she can boss me around. 

For some reason I pointed her off as if to lunge her but of course I was in a wide rectangle shaped paddock with her off lead so she could run off if she chose to. But she surprised me! She trotted a circle around me as if I had a invisible lunge line or she was following the fence line of the round pen. I just went along with it very pleased and wasn't sure how she'd react if I tried changing her direction. She tried coming to me without me asking, like she did in the round pen and I was afraid she'd go to her bossy pushy self again. I asked her to back up and she did and then I pointed her off again without any problem. I was only able to do this a very short time because my time ran out. It was also dark the whole time I got her to lunge for me so I thought it would be harder for her to see my body language. 

But I was very impressed with her that night! And hopefully I'll see what she does again if I lunge her freely today. :D