Home Again

I noticed after drawing this I messed up on the leg. It looked off to me when I was drawing it and now I see that I mistook the back legs and changed them around. You can see the sketch and finished picture to see the difference..

White Wolf

I learned from one of my favorite artists that if I started with a darker back, like gray, I can control the lighting better because I can see it easier rather than using the lightest color for the background. 

Lake Club

This is basically my home or part of it. Of course this isn't my house but this is a really neat building I grew up with. It's called the Lake Club/Club House and as you can see it's by the lake where I sometimes go sailing with my brothers or went swimming. They even have a place where you can buy snacks and drinks on the deck or a little game room inside. My family has rented this for the day for parties and I have so many good memories! I love to walk there and draw or if there's a community party there. Anyway this is the back of the club house where the lake goes out. I drew this for everyone who has shared this beautiful place and hopefully get this printed and signed by a lot of people to hang up there. :D