Friesian Duchess

This one took awhile to make! Did another pencil black and white drawing. 

This one I edited to make it look darker, I didn't actually draw it darker. I wanted to what it would look like. I really like it this way!

Horse Sketch

No steps for this one. Black and white pencil sketch in about 15-20 mins. This turned out way better then I thought! I was spending all day with my best friends and not getting a good drawing in for a few days really made a difference. When I'm in my best mood and itching to get something in my hand to draw with. 

Cowboy Trainer

I took had a lot more pictures here to show my progress. 
This first one I just sketched the out what I wanted. I did clean up most of the extra lines.

Here I am focusing only on the horse. I drew the lighter color to show the lighter spots and bring out the muscles a little more.

Than I filled in the other places with a darker color.

With an Airbrush I lightened and darkened places to bring it out more. 

I drew hair lines on the body to cover the colors a little more and added a rough sketch hair for the mane and tail.

What I should of done with the mane and tail is start with a dark gray instead of a solid black. If I did that I could darken places. I did shine it up and added strands of thiner hair. 

Now I'm starting on the cowboy. I filled in his pants with a solid color like I did with the horse's body. Than I added darker colors, shadows and wrinkles in his pants where his legs bend. His shirt I started with the solid color and drew shadows. After that I drew in the checkered lines, making sure I drew them to flow with the angles.

His hat I did the same. This time I did not make the mistake to start with the darkest/lightest color with his hat like I did with the horse's mane and tail. The starting solid color was a light gray and than the shadows and lighting. 

Here is the finished!

I did draw for the background with the light in the middle and darker on the edges. I added brush strokes for fun effects.