Sabrina's Portrait

Finished picture:

I drew her eyebrows and used the same color type as her hair but darker. I made her eyes green and made the little glint in her eyes. And her lip I got used the color of her skin but made it pinker and shaded it, shined it, and added other small details like that. 

For her face I used the airbrush and a pinkish color for her cheeks. Than I used white and lightly shined her forehead, chin and cheeks. 

And for the shadowing I used a the airbrush on her hair. 

Like I did with the other picture I did  dark pencil strokes. 

Still with the bristle brush I did darker strokes at the top of her hair. 

I started on the hair first and went through with the 'bristle brush'. 

I almost forgot to make the steps and was already into the picture. 

Drawing Steps: 'Under The Rain'

You might want to look at these pictures from bottom to top. The beginning of the steps are at the bottom. The picture below is the finished one.

I made raindrops splashes and rings to make it look like it's wet. I also made a little reflection of her shoes on the street to look shinny and wet. Oh yes, I did go through and added the rain falling as well. I went through with a airbrush through the whole picture to make it look like mist.

I added faded people in the background to make it look like she's on a street and to make the rain effect stronger when I put it on. 

In this picture I went with the marker again and more or less shadowed/rounded her legs. I did this also with the airbrush again with black and white. 

I go though with a airbrush to darken and lighten her hair. 

Here I added pencil strokes that was darker and lighter browns than the first color. 

My fave part here is doing the hair. I went through with a 'Bristle Brush'. 

I also added dots on her dress as well so it would match the umbrella a little as well. I also went with a airbrush and shaded and lighted the dress.

I shaded and added dots to the umbrella.

Second step I went and did the background. I made a lighter line through from where her feet are so it would look like mist from the rain later on.

First step here I used just a 'Marker' tool to draw the basic part. 

Rachel's Portrait

Another made up girl. 'Rachel's picture here I made a lot more steps to show how I drew it. In the end I added a tear to show her emotions and to practice drawing it. I think the next step drawing I do I will show the different tool marks and colors on the side.

This step I am finishing up the eyes, nose, lips ect.

This forth step I am pretty much done with the hair. I went over it with air brush and shadowed/lightened the wavy parts. And I added little directive things on her hair and blouse. 

In this third step I am started more on the hair and going over it with a brush. 

This second step I started the shadow/lighting colors on. I used to draw this at the very end but this way is much easier and shows up better. 

This first step is the blotch part. I already sketched out the eyes, nose, lips ect. 

Ellie's Portrait

This isn't of a real person I made her up. But she needed a name so I named her Ellie. I only did two steps in for this picture this time. I think I like this one more than the other one. I did the same way of drawing that I did on the other one. Sometime I want to do a drawing project if a person I know and see how close I can get. 

Woman Portrait

I think is my best drawing of a person. It's a little too pretty/modelish than I meant but at least it wasn't worse. I did the drawing different than usually do. Instead of sketching it out first I started with the blotchy colors than added on to that. I saw other people draw like this when they draw humans. I think it helps a lot! 

Oh yes, don't mind the tool wheel in the corner of the pictures. I didn't know I screen shotted that in as well. 

(Fan Art) Zootopia

I did some fan art for a change. Also because we just watched Zootopia and I LOVED it. I have been waiting for awhile ever since I heard of it to come out, but the day it came out I was sick. Now I'm better and got to see it today!