Ellie's Portrait

This isn't of a real person I made her up. But she needed a name so I named her Ellie. I only did two steps in for this picture this time. I think I like this one more than the other one. I did the same way of drawing that I did on the other one. Sometime I want to do a drawing project if a person I know and see how close I can get. 

Woman Portrait

I think is my best drawing of a person. It's a little too pretty/modelish than I meant but at least it wasn't worse. I did the drawing different than usually do. Instead of sketching it out first I started with the blotchy colors than added on to that. I saw other people draw like this when they draw humans. I think it helps a lot! 

Oh yes, don't mind the tool wheel in the corner of the pictures. I didn't know I screen shotted that in as well. 

(Fan Art) Zootopia

I did some fan art for a change. Also because we just watched Zootopia and I LOVED it. I have been waiting for awhile ever since I heard of it to come out, but the day it came out I was sick. Now I'm better and got to see it today!

Unicorn In My Hills

I drew the Unicorn on top of a real picture of the hills around our house. I drew a shadow and added a few other things to it to make the Unicorn belong in it as much as possible. Drawing on a picture is sometimes harder, I used to draw a lot on pictures like these. 

Also sorry I haven't been doing much art lately (had a fever for the past few days). I did do a few pictures but they are on Instagram if you want to see them.