(Fan Art) Zootopia

I did some fan art for a change. Also because we just watched Zootopia and I LOVED it. I have been waiting for awhile ever since I heard of it to come out, but the day it came out I was sick. Now I'm better and got to see it today!

Unicorn In My Hills

I drew the Unicorn on top of a real picture of the hills around our house. I drew a shadow and added a few other things to it to make the Unicorn belong in it as much as possible. Drawing on a picture is sometimes harder, I used to draw a lot on pictures like these. 

Also sorry I haven't been doing much art lately (had a fever for the past few days). I did do a few pictures but they are on Instagram if you want to see them. 

Mother and Son

I really liked doing the mountain lion picture and how it turned out so well. So I did another wildcat picture. I also LOVE putting the snow effect on it (if I don't get too carried away with it). Oh yes and if there is anything anyone would want me to draw I would love to (preferable animal of some kind).