Restocking partner

Somewhere deep inside I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I know, I know, that’s a sentence that a lot of people have said before me. A lot of dreams have been chased and missed, but a lot of them have also come true. Mine was one of them. I started an e-commerce business couple of years back. Our business was pretty simple: We sold everything. Yep, one of those companies. And we got pretty successful, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

I’m going to talk about the process of restocking. That was something we had to do a lot since the business started to go very well. Restocking almost became a regular part of our whole every day-business. Then why not become better at ordering/stocking stuff in the first place? Good shout, but we neither had the resources or the experience to know how we did this the best. Also, it differed a lot how much people were bying from us.

Luckily for us, the company that handled our deliveries were also the ones helping us with our restocking. Luckily for us, this company, the restocking geniuses, were the best one in the industry. Now that I think of it, I don’t know if I can say that I’m happier with any other partner we’ve worked with. Actually, no this is the best one. Let me tell you why.

Once we got ourselves into trouble – Trouble being; that we sold too much at a pace that didn’t fit our stocks – they always helped us in the way that we wanted. They knew that we were a young company and young people that hadn’t really done anything like this before. We got our own contact, Liam, and we met him several times when it was time for restocking. “Gentlemen. Let’s hear it. How’s the business? What needs restocking this time?” he said.

So, I would say that one of the best things with this company was their ability to adjust. To see what we, as their customer, needed and make sure that the restocking fit our needs. I’m specifically talking about restocking here, but there’s definitely more to it. Their whole service, from packing to delivering parcels all over the world, were absolutely great. Smooth and surprisingly cheap which saved us several times.

If you run a business and you’re looking for someone to take care of restocking for you. Let me know and I’ll send you the number!