"When I first started working with horses and trying to improve my horsemanship skills, there were a lot of things that were very confusing to me. Why did my horse behave that way? Why did he react to some things and not to others? How could I get him to understand what I was asking him to do? Why did my horse do so well one day and do everything wrong the next day? Eventually, I discovered that the key to training a horse is learning how to communicate with him in a way that he will understand. If you don't know what makes your horse tick and understand why he does the things he does - good or bad - then training your horse is going to be very difficult. However, once you learn how to communicate with your horse, the two of you can then begin to build the kind of partnership that will help you achieve your goals. Prepare to see your horse in a whole new light as you learn how to get inside your horse's mind, understand how he thinks, and develop clearer and more effective communication than ever before to help set a foundation for a successful partnership." - Clinton Anderson