Trail Riders

Yesterday evening I went on a trail ride with Amber and her horse Athena. I rode Sugar and since I haven't been riding her in awhile I worked her a little in the morning before we went riding in the evening again. 

We started out on the opposite side of the trail instead of the side we usually take to change it up (the trail we took a loop). Sugar did very well and only spooked once at a deer who was laying down in the distance. But after that she did very well. Half the trail is hills that we go up and down on. This really helped Sugar with going up and down hills and through small ditches. In fact usually Athena (Amber's horse) does better but this time Sugar was basically calm the whole time and Athena was the one who came to a small problem. Athena seems to be getting a bit barn sour or buddy sour now. When we went down a hill she stopped and started backing up. She did this a few times along the trail because she didn't want to go. Apparently she does a lot worse when she's not with another horse.

Halfway through the loop on the trail we decided to check out the Sacramento river! So instead of going straight back we adventured along the river and found some beautiful places! It's so much more beautiful on horseback too. 

About 10 minutes before we got back Sugar started acting up all the sudden. At first I thought she just wanted to go home so bad. She started trotting at first and wouldn't stop and then zig zapping and shaking her head when I noticed how many mosquitoes there were. We all got them but Sugar got them the worst. Not only that but she is very sensitive to them as well. It got hard to keep her in control with traffic (we rode alongside a street to get back) and I didn't want to work her too hard so I ended up getting off of her and loosened her cinch to tell her she did a good job and so it's more comfortable. I felt bad for her, those bugs were really bothering her..

When we got back she was covered in bumps! I made sure to spray her down with bug spray, which I did before we went on the trail as well. But besides the last 10 minuets of mosquito attacks and the little spook at the beginning, she did amazing!! Even when we were riding to the river there were jack rabbits jumping close by and she didn't flinch. She spooks at unexpected things, mostly deer and birds when they suddenly all fly up. On the way back there were both and she only looked up at them. I'm so proud of her!