Today's Happenings

This morning I went down early to work with Ruby so I could do it before she ate her breakfast. I don't usually work her before her breakfast but it's easier for me now because recently it got hot again. 

At first she was fine when I led her to the big arena. She had a little bit of sticky feet but I expected that. I started to work with her by moving her feet backwards, forwards, left and right. I did yielding her hind quarters, lunging for respect, backing up and some desensitizing. I did the lunging on the lunge line at the end in the big arena. I could tell she was getting worked up and started acting like a grumpy 3 year old. 

My parents were taking a walk and stopped by. So I let Ruby come and say hello, especially since my baby sister was there too. There's something about Sophie that Ruby loves to sniff. I don't know but it's very cute! 

After standing there with Ruby for a few minuets she started to move around more. She was getting worked up about something and after my parents left I took her out of the arena and started for the round pen where I felt it would be easier to control her freely without the a rope on her. I also haven't done that with her for awhile so it's nice to change it up.

As soon as I got her out of arena she behaved terribly! She was jumpy, pushy and got into my space. It got so bad I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get her to the round pen. I was also holding the whip, lunge line and her lead rope in one hand with the other holding on to the rest of her lead to control her. Mrs. Fenwick was walking by so I asked her for help. She has been doing the Clinton Anderson method for years.
I'm still learning, slowly, so I wasn't able to control the way I would have wanted. Soon after, Mrs. Davis came down to feed. Mrs. Fenwick left to go on a trail ride so Mrs. Davis helped me get her horse to the round pen. I could have gotten her there if I had one of them watching. She did calm down a little before she came and she was hard to get into the round pen. There I took over and was advised to keep her changing directions to get her mind off acting reactive. She was probably acting this way because she didn't have her food yet and knew Mrs. Davis was coming soon to feed. She was in a hurry to get back to the paddock with Sugar to eat and got upset because that's not what I planned on. I got her changing directions and calmed her down pretty fast. 

Mrs. Davis left just before I started lunging her and left a flake of hay for her where the obstacle course is so she can eat a bit there instead of her paddock. She wasn't in a big hurry to go back. 

I worked with her until she got tired and wanted to slow down as much as possible instead of running and bucking like she did in the beginning. When I finished with her, she came very willingly up to me and followed me around like a dog. She did not want to go back to work! When she was in Nevada with Sarah, Sarah took Ruby out when ever she wanted. It didn't matter if she had her food or not. When she got back she thought she could kick back and get away with things. She probably got away with some things because we were not as experienced but she was grumpy about her food and thought she could fight her way to it. 

I did more desensitizing with her in the middle of the round pen and let her rest for awhile. I stayed there for awhile with her because I wanted her to think about it. Then I took her out with no trouble at all and led her to the hay. She ate some of it but surprisingly she didn't want it as much as I expected she did. So I took her through some of the obstacles, gave her some carrots and then headed back to her paddock.

Like I mentioned before, Sugar was always a problem when I put Ruby back. Sugar did run a little in the paddock and followed us from the inside to the gate. I was afraid that Sugar was going to be bossy and try to chase Ruby again so I let Ruby graze outside for a little bit. Sugar had food and I didn't know if she would pin her ears at Ruby or go back to eating. I would have back Sugar up but having two horses at the same time was very hard. Then I chanced it and let Ruby graze which took Sugar's interest down. I happily didn't have any problems with them. I did not want Ruby getting into her habit of always walking away as soon as I take off her halter, so I took it off and still held her with the halter around her neck for a little bit and then let her go. 
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Very interesting morning. No love this picture of Ruby. My horse Spicey Lady looks just like her !
Hi Noelle! I have a few Questions, I am thinking about owning my own horse, on my Grandpa's land. I am thinking of a more simple horse facility's. I was wondering if you have any types of horse fencing you recommend? Thanks! - Grace