Summer Heat! (8)

It's so hot now these days! I've been gone camping last week so I recently got back to blazing hot weather. It's 112 degrees that week and this week. I didn't get to hang out with the horses since I was gone camping but now since I'm back I'm ready to go! 

The early mornings are the coolest times of the day so that's when I'll go down to ride for the first time since I came back from camping (it seems like weeks since I rode, but only about 4 days). 

While I was gone the girls got new shoes AND water misters! I went down to clean the paddock and say hello to the horses the other day and got to stand under the nice cool misters with the horses. It definitely makes a difference! I didn't even mind when I saw that Sugar rolled after she got wet and ruined the perfectly clean horse I made her into a couple of days ago. 

I am planning on swimming with them too since it's getting hotter. Unfortunately the spot Amber and I picked doesn't have any shade at all...   We might find another place that's equally good but with shade there or at least near by. It get's to be a desert out here!

Trail rides will be fun too! There are some trails I'm not interested enough to go on because of how hot the sun gets on the trail. I like ones with lots of shade or near the water. I'm glad we have our rivers, lakes, pools, and creeks (ponds and streams are usually dried out if they're seasonal). 

I've been talking so much about the heat, but one partly good thing comes out of it. Horses are more lazy in the summertime heat so trail rides are going to be easier to train them on. Although I wouldn't get to gallop them as much...