Sugar's First (short) Trail Ride (4)

Yesterday I rode Sugar and went for a short trail ride nearby. We (Gail and me) are hopefully going to take the horses out on a trail ride with the other equestrians soon. 

I feel like Sugar does better outside the arena than in and I love taking her out in the open fields to run around. I took her out yesterday to run around a little and than we went on a trail that I take when I go to the EQ center. I have very good control over her and she's been getting lighter in the reins for sure! She can go sharp turns and bends without a lot of pressure. I still need to get her rate my seat better like Ruby does really well. 

Anyway, on the trail Sugar sometimes brakes into a trot so I shut her down and let her know that was mistake. She likes to go go go, so I have to stop her when she does something without me asking her to. Ruby in her past life was a trail horse but Sugar isn't. I expected Sugar to be scared by a lot of things but she was pretty good about it all. The first spooky object we came to (a chunk of concrete) she put her nose down to investigate and than jumped back. So I moved her feet around it until we ended calmly and not a care in the world standing on it. The second spooky object we came to was park of a car hood. I expected her to spook at this and she did a little but not as much as I thought she would. I kept her feet moving around it and rested her on the car piece. I remember seeing Mrs. Fenwick with her horse Peppy riding by that and Peppy spooked a lot more than Sugar did. 

I didn't go too far with Sugar because I was by myself and didn't have a phone to call if anything bad happened so I turned back. But I felt very confident with Sugar's first-ish trail ride and could of made it to my grandma's house a hill over. But like I said I wasn't allowed to go far by myself with a horse who's hardly been on a trail ride before.