Spook Alert

Yesterday, when I was working on Sugar's stops and practicing rollbacks, I was riding her past the lake. There was a guy there fishing and he was just getting back into his pickup when both of his dogs saw us and took off towards Sugar. I know that the dogs wouldn't hurt her, they're always more excited than anything else and even if they did get close enough they would probably be the ones hurt. I'd be next. But besides that...

I'm so glad I know how to take control of her even when there are dogs chasing her because that's very terrifying for her. I flex her neck around which basically puts her in a bind. She did move around run a little but overall wasn't as terrified as I thought she'd be. She calmed down right away when I gave her neck back and just stood there with not a care in the world. I think she might of been a little more scared of the man yelling and chasing after his dogs but Sugar only ran a few strides before she calmed down and when he got his dogs back I released her. This all took about 10 seconds. 

I'm so proud of how well Sugar does. When she does spook at something I redirect her energy and start moving her feet. When we stop it's that much easier to stay calm. And when she does actually get scared of something she'll just perk up a little or she does freak out and runs a few yards but then calms down very fast. It's usually something unexpected or far off where she can't make out what it is. I do however might need to put more desensitizing in with different objects and things that makes sounds. I skip desensitizing quite often recently because she hardily if at all needs it. But I want to keep it up and introduce her to new things.