Spirit's Training 2 (12)

Every day I've been working Spirit through the ground work. And for fun I even got on her bareback and worked a little on flexing, walked around and then got back off again.


Spirit is doing very well with the roundpenning! Her turns are very good! She pays attention and has hardly even complained (besides slowing down when she thinks it's time to be done). She doesn't quite follow me as much as I'd like her too but each time we finish she get's better and better. From just standing there to coming up and soon follow. 


Desensitizing to the lead rope and stick and string. I have to make sure I do this at least once (but twice would be better) every time I work with her. She has never been spooky but she always seems to flinch an inch a few times at the starting of desensitizing. It's the unexpected rope or string that is tossed over her back the first time that she flinches. The only time she moved around a lot in the beginning was 'whipping the ground' beside her. Now of course she doesn't care.

Yielding the Hindquarters, stage 1 and 2:

For the fist few lessons I did the roundpenning, desensitizing, backing up and yielding the hindquarters stage 1 before I went to stage 2. I wanted to make sure she was yielding right and all the way. The first day I got 1-2 steps, the next 3-4 steps and the next day I got her to yield a 360 on both sides. THEN I did stage 2! Which I did for the first time today. It took her about two or three faults before she got it down, yielded and faced me. 

Backing up:

I actually started backing up with her a little at the beginning before I did the rest in order. I did the first method, which is called; 'tap the air'. She is fast learner and is backing very well besides not backing straight (which I wouldn't even ask from her at this early stage). So far I've only done 'tap the air'.

So far those are the exercises I've done with Spirit.

 I've still got: 

Yielding the forequarters

Lunging for respect stage 1

Flexing the head and neck

Sending exercise 

Circle driving

Lunging for respect stage 2

Leading beside

Slap and walk, Helicopter exercise, Head shy exercise

I may have taught her 'Flexing the head and neck' before getting to that point. I got some of the training order mixed up but it worked out great! I thought it was going to be really hard to get her to flex and that's what she made me think at the starting when nothing was happening, but as soon as she flexed once she seemed to understand right away what I was asking for. So that means I'm releasing the pressure at the right time!