Spirit (13)

Today is the first day I rode Spirit (besides a little bit bareback). 

The past few weeks were very busy for me, so getting back into working every morning again was nice. But I definitely missed the busyness because most of it had to do with friends from Germany and France coming here to learn English and see America. And boy do I miss them being here...

I was also asked to work Cody (Rose's paddock mate) for a week before he's sold. 

I took Spirit to the arena and saddled her. She has a light weight saddle (but that saddle isn't very good) because she is smaller than an average horse. I did lunging for respect stage 1 with Spirit and practiced putting my foot in the stirrup, standing, mounting and dismounting. Then I actually mounted and flexed her neck from side to side. I didn't use a bridle because of the bit issue, in fact I'm not sure if she's had a bit in her mouth before or not. But I decided to do the first lessons with a halter and clip on reins since I didn't have a colt starting bridle. Although I did see a bridle in her barn, I didn't want to use it for two reasons; 1, it was a curb bit and I prefer a snaffle and 2, because I didn't want to worry about getting her used to a bit just yet. 

We did neck flexing first, then did some trotting. I did cruising with her at a trot and little at a canter. She still has a lot to learn but I know she'll be great! 

The next few times I'll work on a lot of cruising before I do more of steering her.