Spirit (11)

It's been going good with the new young mustang, Spirit (aka Snickers). The second lesson I had with her I did lunging but on the lunge line because someone else was using the round pen, and sadly there is only one. 

When I took her out in the arena I first went to the desensitizing with the stick and string, rope and a plastic bag. Snickers is much more of a calmer pony than I thought for her age (3 or 4 years old). Yeah she did spook some but not at all as much as I thought she would. She also calmed down pretty fast. 

I also did a little of a backing method with her. 'Tap the air' backing method to be exact. I was some what surprised on how fast she would try to get things down. I mean, she didn't know how to back very well at all (that's what I'd expect out of her) but I could tell she started understanding when I asked her. 

The hardest training that day with her is probably lunging. It took her awhile to understand that I wanted her to lunge in a circle around me. But I also think she didn't want to leave me either. I got a little frustrated with her at the beginning but I kept it up till she knew what to do. After she started getting it down. I didn't have much time to spend with her but the next lesson with her I want to work on yielding her hindquarters. 

So I have;

Round penning

Lunging for respect stage 1



and Yielding the hindquarters

And so far this is just the second day with her. She is the sweetest pony ever!