Shelbi is back! (5)

Shelbi is back! 

Shelbi (Clinton Anderson Ambassador) came out for a few days and I'm so happy to work with her again! She's helping with the horses for three days and today was the first day. Our goal (Gail's and mine) was to get the girls to be trail horses, but the delay was mostly of our not  knowing how to fix and teach the horses as well as some problems the horses had. 

Ruby's problem;

Ruby in her past years was a trail horse and as far as obstacles and spooky things she's fine. She's not scared of anything on the trail and mostly has no problem staying at a walk. But she's VERY barn sour and buddy sour. It's hard to get her to leave the paddock/barn area where she knows the other horses and rest/food is. Her past owner always trailered her up and trail rides somewhere else so she had no barn to run back to. 

Sugar's problem;

Sugar is almost the opposite from Ruby. She doesn't have too much of a barn sour issue but she's never been a trail horse herself. Her past owner had her as a arena horse. So her problem was mostly spooky things on the trail and staying at a nice clam walk. But what I've noticed with her was that she actually likes being outside the arena much more! As do I

What we worked on;

This wasn't a private lesson with me, Shelbi was to train the horse she rode and I do the other one. She helped me of course but it wasn't focused on getting on me. We saddled them first, I took Ruby and Shelbi took Sugar. I asked about the obstacle course, so after a little of the ground work we went to work them though the obstacles. 

Debbie and Gary were out to go trail riding with their horses so we ended up on the trail with them. The whole time we worked the girls on the trail. Sometimes I had Ruby trot to encourage her but for most of the ride she didn't like being in the front because she likes being near and behind the others. She also learned she couldn't go back so if we were ever too far behind she quickly caught up, not wanting to be left behind. 

Sugar was doing pretty good too. She was curious about everything but willing to go. Shelbi had her working a lot of the time, going in circles, backing, stopping, trotting and loping.