Rose's Training (1)

Yesterday I got to work Rose for the first time. 

When I approached her to put the halter on, I acted like I didn't really care as if I was going to get to her or not. If I ran/walked straight to her or any horse like a predator would it's very likely the horse will be frightened off or run off anyway because the horse knows you want him (probably to work). I've learned this from Clinton, it's especially how to approach a horse I basically don't know.

I desensitized her with the rope and she did pretty well. Cody (her paddock mate) got in the way once in awhile, lol.

I took her to the round pen and desensitized her with the stick and string. I backed her up to see how well she did on that, and I think she did pretty good! I yielded her hindquarters, and I'd say it wasn't the best yield but it wasn't the worst either. I also flexed her neck from side to side. She didn't understand at first when I asked her and backed up or tried to turn around but she got the idea quickly and I was able to flex both sides pretty well. I wanted to see if she could lunge on the lunge line and found she was pretty bad with that. I also could see she had a lot of energy so I round penned her before doing anything else. 

She bolted off as soon as I asked her to move her feet and didn't save her energy with a nice slower lope but instead she was using her reactive side and started wearing herself out faster. I let her go a few times around and then asked her to turn. She didn't turn into the fence but she did hesitate but turned the right way. After that I kept changing her directions and she slowed down a lot and listening much better. After awhile of this I made sure to get in three to five really good turns before letting her come in. I let her rest for about six minutes in the middle with me and then we moved on. She was pretty tired and sweaty from the round penning so I didn't do too much on her after that. She was also nice, calm and listening to me. 

I yielded her hindquarters which is something we need to work on more. I backed her and then tried lunging her with the rope again. She's ether never done it or hasn't for a long time so I had to teach her. I had her going at a nice slow trot and working a little on lunging for respect stage 1. 

Rose is already a really well trained horse so she wasn't that hard at all. Just a few things she doesn't know like the yielding, lunging, flexing, sending ect. Backing she wasn't too bad at but it was a little lazy.