Rose's Second Training (2)

Today I started with round penning Rose but only for a short while because she did it very well. The only thing I didn't like was she would come off the fence too much. 

I did desensitizing (rope and stick), backing (all methods), flexing from side to side, yielding the hindquarters (stage 1), lunging for respect stage 1 and a little of stage 2. 

She does backing very well expect for keeping straight. She seems to back a little sideways with her left hindquarter sticking out. 

Yielding the hindquarters she isn't the best on. She would try to back up which I was more or less able to fix in the end. And wouldn't keep her anchor foot still very well, I'd say that was pretty hard to get that foot to stay planted. 

Flexing from side to side;      Rose is lighter on one side more than she is on the other. Her bad side I'll be working especially on next time.