Raleigh the horse

I go down to the EQ center about everyday now. Raleigh is very sweet and kind. I do my job - scooping poop - and then I warm my hands on his soft coat. And when it comes to food he likes, he is very smart and clever. Raleigh loves wild grass that grows just outside his paddock. If the gate isn’t locked then Raleigh can push the gate open and get out. But at least he won’t run off because, like I said, he just wants the grass and doesn't like being away from his paddock. In fact, Mrs. E lets him out and leaves the halter on with the lead rope. Raleigh wanders a little, but if he starts to go faster, then he steps on his lead rope and it stops him. It's kinda like if your shoe wasn't tied, and you tripped on your shoelace.

You have to really make sure the gate is locked, because Raleigh can open it. He would even grab the lock and pull it until it comes out! Like I said, Raleigh is very smart about the food he likes. Also, He has two paddocks that he is using. One is his and the other one is a empty one. He is allowed to go in there to eat the grass as much as he likes.