Raleigh, day 1

Raleigh is a 19 year old brown horse. He has black legs, tail and mane. He even has a small white star on his forehead. Mrs E (A different owner that owns Raleigh next to Lena and Peppy) is having me scoop Raleigh’s poop every day. She went down with me once to see how I was getting along and now I am doing it alone. (I do it in the mornings so far.)

And she told me how much to feed him also just in case she couldn’t feed him and I could do that. The whole reason I am doing it is so she doesn’t have to, but mostly because I love being down at the EQ center with the horses.  Mrs. E works during the day and she comes down to feed her horse twice a day. She used to have her horses on 30 acres of property in Cottonwood.  Her daughter used to have another horse named Titus who was a creamed colored horse. 

Anyway, I worked with Raleigh a couple of days now and it’s a lot of fun so far! I even got to lead Raleigh around and I got to run with him. Even in the arena it was fun to watch Raleigh run a little. Today I went really early to say hi to Mrs. F. She comes down early, but for once I was there first. It was cold down there. Frost everywhere! And I forgot gloves! But at least Raleigh was nice and warm (under his mane was really warm!) So he saved me the stiff hands. He stood in the sun while I scooped the poop with the shovel.

I also had a jacket on that has buttons on it and Raleigh tried to nibble them when I pet him. It has being very fun just like with Mrs. F! Also I saw her this morning and she said she needed to take Lena to the vet because something was wrong with her leg.
(Picture took by Renee Harris)