Only Three Days With Shelbi (6)

So I had three days with Shelbi to work with her on the horses. Sadly she is now gone...;(

The first day we worked on the obstacle course, ground work and trail riding. The second day we did ground work, obstacle course and instead of trail riding we had fun finding obstacles to ride the horses on around the EQ center. And we found a lot! It was like a playground that I never knew was there! We rode them up and down ditches and mounds, around trees, around scary objects like metal junk and giant trash dumpsters and lastly out into my favorite field to ride in. In the field we worked on stops, backing, cruising (all gaits), yielding and more. 

The last day we did the obstacle course again and practiced some of the same things we did the day before. We also went trail riding and worked them on the trails. We rode by the water side to look for a good place for another day to work the horses in. 

I'll talk a little more about the obstacle course.