Notes from my fist lesson with Shelbi

Lesson learned 

Halter: Halter knots on the nose goes on the beginning soft part on her nose. Higher up when the horse is tied. Too low it can stop her nostril breathing and panic her. 

Yielding the hindquarters: Her anchor foot needs to stay still and planted. Drilling in while the other three feet move around. Nearest front foot.

Backing: Ruby knows how to back so I can take it a step further. She needs pay attention and give me two eyes. Yank on the rope when she's getting distracted. And hurry her feet because she needs to get out of her lazy steps back and respect me. 

Too firm?: If someone thinks I'm too firm with the horse, think of it this way; I may work with her about 2 or 3 hours a day (most likely not every day) and the rest of the 24 hours the horse does whatever she wants.

Rhythm: I need good rhythm in almost every exercise. Not too slow to where the horse is thinking she got away with disobeying, and not too fast where I'm freaking the horse out and basically whipping her. It needs to be quick like I'm going to get it done but not too fast. I also need to work on my aiming and awkwardness of being a beginner.

Good habit: Backing Ruby all the way to the arena is a good habit to get into. And if she can lead without getting sticky feet after she's done really well with backing, then give her that as a reward. 


Yielding the forequarters: First time doing this exercise. Hold the stick straight in front of the horse's neck, stand in the middle of the horse's neck, hands on either side of the stick. Handle end at the neck with the other end at the horse's face so I can rub the horse between the eye and ears at a stop. Since I'm new and not very good, Ruby will test me a lot. She'll try to get out of it and make out like I'm doing it wrong (even if I'm doing it right). Don't have the horse step in front. If a little tap/whack her on the nose, if a lot make her back up. Going too back, follow and force her to turn. If really bad make her back up and keep doing so, so she no longer wants to back.

Round penning/lunging: This time we tried Ruby more on making tighter turns. She didn't turn so well or gave me two eyes quick enough. What to do: If Ruby doesn't give me two eyes when I'm asked her to face me, keep walking until she does. If she doesn't and I hit the fence, I have two options; go along the fence to her and try to force her to turn. Or drive her forward and hard and then ask again. (option 2) If she does it again do the same thing and ask again till she faces me. 

Backing methods:

  • Tap The Air
  • Wiggle, Wave, Walk and Whack
  • Marching
  • Steady Pressure