Morning Work (10)

I have mentioned before about a young mustang pony I've been dying to work with. Her name is Spirit and she is about 3 or 4 years old. Had very little training and ridden hardly ever so this will be my kind of challenge. She is also smaller so I thought she would make a great first green horse to work with. But now that I've been working with horses a lot I don't care too much about the size.

Spirit's secret nickname (don't tell her owners!) is Snickers. I'll call her that for now on because it suits her better! XD

I was going to work with Snickers today but her owner forgot to leave a key for me so I have to wait again. I am so glad it's all planned out though! She's a pretty green horse from what I heard so I can't wait to see if I can make a difference! 

I've been asked to work with Rose and work on especially the flexing the neck. She can do it really good on the ground and okay in the saddle. One of the biggest problems is that she keeps walking off right away so I'll be working on that the next time. Yesterday we did a lot of flexing and today we were going to do more but she had something bothering one of her eyes. Rose kept tossing her head and I noticed her eye was very watery and hardly opened. I ended up taking the saddle off and putting her away after cleaning her eye as much as I could. I didn't have anything at the moment to put on but I told her owner. 

I did however take Sugar out. I worked on lunging for respect, backing, yielding and sending for the ground work. Then I worked a lot on teaching her how to rate my seat under saddle. I also did fallow the fence, a little cruising and softening her turns. At the very end I rode her out and went down a street for a little way at a walk. She get's scared of objects, sounds and feels trapped so getting her on a little calm ride was very pleasant. One of the best things about riding on a street is the *click click click* of the hoofs. I think I might end every session like that because I know it will calm her down.