More Advanced Training

I really wanted to have Sugar do rollbacks. And if you don't know, rollbacks are very common in reining horses or cow horses but are also taught for other uses too. A rollback is where you are riding at any gait (usually at a canter), stop, horse pivots on his hindquarters while forequarters do more or less a 180 and head off in the opposite direction or maybe a right angle. Might be a little hard to picture so here's a gif: 

I've watched Clinton show how to teach horses do this. Although I think I need to do more of my "homework" and make sure Sugar knows how to stop better. Her stop is really messy and that's if she stops off my seat..
But today I worked on her stopping, backing, spinning/yielding forequarters and then towards the end I practiced a little rollback stuff along the fence. She actually backs up with energy but sometimes at the beginning when I ask her she get's "sticky feet". I didn't work in the arena this time. I did all this out in a field instead. For the rollbacks, to help her move her forequarters around instead of just going forward and turning, I used a fence to block her from walking forward. I didn't have enough space at that fence to canter her in circles so I went along fences practicing rollbacks going back and forth. This actually helped her slow down especially if when we were going in the direction of her paddock. She figured out we were just going to do more rollbacks again instead of going straight home so she slowed her pace to a easy canter or trot. (I did a little on cantering and more on trotting because I still needed to get her stopping down).

When we're about to (attempt) a rollback, I'll say "woah", sit/lean back, open my inside rein and put pressure with my outside leg near her girth. Usually when I turn I use my inside leg/spur to round her turn but with rollbacks I'm actually asking her to move her front end over. I do have a habit of doing the wrong leg at the wrong time which will teach her wrong but at least I know what to do! More or less since I haven't actually taught a horse that yet. I also want to learn how to sidepass:

But overall I'm not very experienced yet and neither are the horses. I also need to make sure that they know what I can teach them now/the Fundamentals. I don't want to start jumping ahead and not be prepared for it.. :)