Learning The Method

Yesterday I was in Reno, Nevada to see Ruby and get taught some of the Fundamentals by Sarah (Clinton Anderson Ambassador). I took a lot of pictures too!

Sarah took the day to show me what Ruby learned while she was with Sarah the past six weeks. She showed me and Mrs. Davis (Ruby and Sugar's owner) backing up methods, flexing, yielding the hing quarters, lunging for respect 1, desensitizing, and more. Then she got on Ruby and showed one rein stops walking, trotting and cantering. She also showed flexing, yielding the hindquarters and backing up. 

What I was amazed about most was how well Ruby did her one rein stops. Sarah just had to relax and sit deep in the saddle and Ruby would stop. I got to learn how to do this as well. Since I was a different rider and rode differently, Ruby didn't catch on very well at first. But I got her to stop immediately at a walk and started getting better at a trot. I didn't practice very much on a canter because we didn't have time so we had to move on to the next exercise. But now I can practice the stops at home when Ruby comes home on Sunday!

I took this picture of Sarah cantering Ruby and showing us the one rein stops:

I thought it was cool to take a picture like this with the hills in the background. Sarah was taking the bull whip when I took this picture. It sounds like a loud cap gun when she whipped it. She used the bull whip as a desensitizing tool for Ruby. 
After showing everything Ruby can do she then had me practice them all. Most of the ground work I watched the Fundamentals on and tried myself so I didn't mess up very much on those. Since I had one day to learn with her she wanted me to get them down enough so I could practice them at home with Ruby. Of course I'd have the DVDs to watch if I got stuck but it's easier having an experienced person like Sarah showing me and catching mistakes I would miss. 

Here Sarah is showing me how to do one of the backing up methods. I've done this on my own with Sugar so this one didn't take long to understand:
Is this picture Sarah is showing me who to stop and back up: