Learning Mistakes

Yesterday I watched more of the Fundamental DVDs on ground work. I needed to watch the one of the C pattern because I have had trouble with Ruby on that. The problem was, she kept trying to walk into me instead of what I wanted her to do, which is walk or trot in front of me to one side and yield her hindquarters. 

I watched the videos and found where one of my problems was answered. I'm supposed to tap her shoulder and keep added pressure until she does what I want her to do. I did do that only I quit way too soon. Every time she walk towards me I would quit the tapping and try to lead her back to where she was supposed to be. That was not at all what I was supposed to do! This time when she came to me I added the pressure to whacking and that made her move away from me. She started backing up and I remembered in the DVD Clinton said to follow when the horse does this and not take the pressure away until she goes forward. I only had to follow her a little way and kept my hand up to ask her and my stick whacking her until she went forward and dropped my pressure. Then I yield her hind quarters and asked her to go again. I'm still very clumsy with the stick and rope but I'm getting used to it. 

Today I did the same exercise with about the same results but maybe a little better but for one thing: she wasn't yielding her hind quarters well enough. So I'll go back and watch the DVD again. 

Yesterday and today I did the same exercise work. I started with desensitizing and that was very short because we had no problem there, she almost fell asleep. I then worked with some neck flexing which also gave me no issues. I did backing up, that she always does too slowly. She really doesn't like backing up but I still make her do it and will hurry her if she starts stopping. Then I worked with the C pattern and after that I did yielding the hind quarters. Something else I did was trying to get on her back bareback. Since she's so tall I use a mounting block or anything else to get on her. Of course with the saddle on it's very easy for me to use the stirrups and swing on but bareback is a different matter. I don't like using mounting blocks because I feel so little doing it even though people older than me always do. I practiced jumping on her and I'm able to get on her now. I might miss the first jump or two but I'm able to at least. I loved how she just stood there and dozed while I looked like a idiot trying to get on her back. 

At the end before mucking the paddock I took her out and let her graze. Then I put her back, mucked the paddock and jumped on her again without the halter or any tack. I just sat on her back while she grazed and walked around. 

I took this picture while I sat on her back: