Last days with Shelbi

There's been a lot happening with the horses lately. But I'm going to talk about the last few days I had with Shelbi before she left for her home in Wyoming. 

For the first part, we started in the paddock. I met up with Gail and we talked about the lessons while we groomed and desensitized the horses before Shelbi arrived. My little sister stayed a little bit for the grooming and was excited to brush "the white horsey's tail" (Sugar). When Shelbi arrived, she had Gail start on the lunging for respect stage 1 and 2. I had completed that and a couple others and all I needed was practice on the sending exercise. After a bit I took Ruby to the arena and left Shelbi and Gail in the paddock while I saddled Ruby up. Ruby is very impatient when it comes to being tied up, so it will be my goal to fix that. 

I rode Ruby in the arena for bit and worked on one rein stops. I also worked her by the gate where she wanted to stay, and I rested her at the farthest end of the arena, until that wasn't much of a problem. By that time Shelbi and Gail were there and saddled Sugar (Gail got a beautiful new saddle!!) and they did some more lunging in the arena. I circled Ruby around them for awhile and rested her at the farthest end of the arena like I did with the gate. I do this because I could feel that Ruby wants to go where she thinks the ride is over (for instance: the gate or to Sugar because she's buddy sour). So if I work her there she doesn't want to go there as much and won't argue with me. 

I actually rode most of the time outside the arena. I took Ruby out of the arena, leaving Shelbi and Gail to their lessons and rode Ruby around the arena for a change. Then I rode out in a field nearby and practiced the one rein stops. Gail and Shelbi moved to the round pen where Gail was to be more comfortable to learn the one rein stops without worrying about steering. I worked Ruby near the round pen and rested her out in the field (repeatedly doing this). 

I've mentioned in the past posts that there's a girl (14) who has her horse there. She has a horse named Athena and her mom has a horse named Duncan, both of which I take care of when they go on vacation. Amber (the girl) took Athena out and we both ended up riding and talking together while Shelbi did the last lesson with Gail. 

Gail said that in the past Ruby doesn't take to other horses and can be unfriendly towards them so I kept that in mind while I rode with Amber. But Ruby did mind Athena and they both got fine together. In fact they were "too fine", Ruby especially got attached and didn't want to separate from Athena. So while Amber walked Athena I trotted or cantered Ruby around them and rested her a little ways off. But I only did this when Ruby tried going back to Athena on her own. We had had fun cantering both the horses in the open fields and took turns going over this little hill (more like a big mound). Amber pointed out that Ruby had very fast gaits compared to Athena. She made me laugh when she said that when Ruby walked, Athena had to trot just to keep up! 

I love how Amber can just take Athena out and ride her very easily. I can do that with Ruby, but for Ruby and Sugar's buddy sour, they don't like to be separated and they whine about it. Athena and Duncan aren't buddy sour which is so lucky for them! ;P

Amber commented on how she wished Athena could tight turns and back up as well as Ruby could. Tight turns I think are easier once she can flex from side to side. Backing up was challenging with Ruby. She's a very testy and pushy horse and she hates backing a lot. Her early stages were not that pretty. Sugar is a lot easier to back up. I'm sure Athena will be a lot better than Ruby for sure and maybe better than Sugar if she had the same training.