I've wanted to start doing a little jumping (western style) with the two horses. I'll start with groundwork, jumping over obstacles and small jumps (logs mostly). 

I'm going to start with Sugar. Sugar has a very good body type, more athletic than Ruby but she doesn't pick up her feet enough. I want to teach her to concentrate on where she puts her feet. In the beginning working with her she used to slip quite a bit. She'd get her feet tangled up and can trip on nothing when cantering. Since then she's a lot better! I think especially those hills and ditches I've had her go through definitely helped her a lot. 

I don't have a lot of things to set up for the horses to jump. The obstacle course there is very small and overall....pretty bad in my opinion. I want to set up my own obstacle course in a bigger space and more jumps. If I did it would have to be pretty "natural" looking because it wouldn't be on my property of course but somewhere near enough and where I'm aloud to ride anyway. So I might clear something and set up logs and branches for jumps. 

Yesterday I set up a jump in the paddock and had her jump over it for a little while. I didn't have a lot of time to spend down there so I mostly cleaned the paddocks, ground-worked Sugar and spent the last minuets loving on her with hugs and rubs. 

I haven't been down to the barn for awhile, one of the reasons was because it's been raining a lot. Can't wait for summer...

I think Ruby might like or be better at jumping than Sugar. But in general Sugar is more willing to do what I tell her, younger, and at the moment better on most things because she's been trained more. 

This is Ruby from awhile ago when we went to Nevada: