In the works of Ruby

Yesterday (Wednesday, April 6th) I worked Ruby and planned on working on her buddy sour issues.  I got her out and for fun and to test her, I took her lead off. I am able to get her to follow me around in the arenas and paddock without any lead. On the way I stopped, had her back up, and then if she started to walk away I would just look at her hindquarters and she'd yield and face me. I could back her up pretty well by adding some pressure when I'm facing her.  Or if we're side by side I could lean back and walk backwards. I could usually get her to trot by leaning forward but she's a little sketchy so I sometimes need to help her. 

When we got to the arena I decided not to work on her buddy sour with Sugar but just worked her in the arena, especially backing, lunging for respect stage 2 and the sending exercises. It was a little windy/cold and at the end it started to rain lightly so Ruby was energetic. 

CA method groundwork: 

Backing (all methods)


Circle driving

Lunging for respect stage 1 and 2

Yielding forequarters and hindquarters (1 and 2)


Flexing from side to side

CA method in the saddle:

Yield to a stop

Rate my seat

One rein stops


Follow the fence 

Tight circles

Gate sour


Flexing from side to side

While I was working on follow the fence a little bird on the ground started chirping at us from the ground. Ruby spooked a little bit but the next time we came around I could see that the bird was on her eggs and this time she came flying at Ruby. Ruby spooked a lot this time but thanks to the method, instead of falling off or Ruby running/bucking off wildly I had her yield her hindquarters while making our way away from the bird. I kept her busy moving her feet while turning in circles until she calmed down. If I hadn't brought her head there's a good chance I wouldn't be in the saddle and she'd be running off. So I loved how well it worked when she spooks!