Horse Care

Not so long ago it was my birthday, and Gail had given me set of first aid supplies for horses. I also got a book for horse care, so I started reading up on that. I've been learning so much on training horses and understand them too, but their actual care was my weaker point. I'm going to be owning horses in my future and since I work with them daily I should know what to do if they got hurt or sick. 

I'm usually more of a visual learner and a lot of the time I don't actually know I learn something till the time comes when I need that information and I remember it. But it's also easier to hear, listen, feel but most of all see it. When the farrier comes out, I like to watch him as well as read about a horse's hoof from a book/manual. I think I enjoy most of all, when the vet comes. Probably because that certain vet tells me everything he does as well as show me, while the farrier is usually quiet (unless he's cracking jokes). 

In the horse care book I've started reading has a lot of basic cares for a horse that I already know. Especially handling one or their behavior. I'm very interested on how to tell if a horse is sick. I hear a lot about colic and causes of it, so when I'm feeding the horses I know how to avoid it as much as possible. I've talked about colic in the past posts as well as other diseases.

I can't wait to get to the part of the book where it talks about wounds! I think that's the most exciting part about doctoring a horse!