Hoof Abscess

I found out from Mrs. Fenwick that Lena has an abscess in her hoof. I learned how to treat an abscess from http://www.horsechannel.com/horse-exclusives/treating-hoof-abscess.aspx 

Abscess made Lena very lame and she couldn’t walk very well. I saw that Mrs Fenwick put tape around her hoof. From what I heard Lena had abscess after she had her shoes taken off. Then she must have got it from the dirt and it infected her hoof. 
What ou need is a flexible shallow bucket or tub. Animalintex pads and Iodine.
When bandaging you will need sheet cotton or a diaper, elastic bandage and duct tape. 

With the tub or bucket add warm water, than put salt in until no more of the salt will dissolve. The hoof goes in the water until the point of the coronary band and it will need to soak for 10 minutes. It helps the infection go away.
(Picture by Noelle Harris)

Then soak the Animalintex pad in hot water, than place the pad on the sole of the hoof. 
If you don’t have Animalintex pads, you can make a poultice with Epsom salts and iodine. Than pack the paste into the hoof so it covers the sole of the hoof. 
(Picture by Noelle Harris)
Wrap the hoof with the sheet cotton or diaper. Then secure the Sheet cotton/diaper by tightly wrapping it with the elastic bandage. Cover the entire bandage with the dict tape. If the horse tries to get the bandage off you might want to use a hoof boot.
After it is better you can keep the hoof bandaged up to keep it from the dirt for a few days or so.