Home Riding

This morning I went down to the EQ center to work with Ruby. The other day I went to clean the paddock and say hi to Ruby and Sugar. This morning I took Ruby out. I first groomed Ruby in her paddock then took her near the arena where I saddled her. 

I didn't get on her right away but left her bridle off so I could work with her on the ground first.  I started with desensitizing with the lunge line and whip (stick and string). She did very well! 

I also did Yielding the hindquarters and a few other exercises. Then I put her bridle over her training halter (to help me control her more) and checked her cinch before getting on. Her bridle wasn't a Clinton Anderson one and since she's been using that kind for her six month training it was harder on her for this bridle, especially the bit. It was harder for me to flex her head around with the bit, I felt like it was hurting her more. The more she obeyed me the less it would hurt for her on that bit. I mostly did one rein stops at a walk and some at a trot. She is getting used to me and most of the time she will stop as soon as I sit deep in the saddle. I also did yielding the hindquarters and backing up. She did great on the backing up, the bit didn't hurt her then. Most of Clinton's bridle and bits are softer on turning and flexing.  The bit I used this morning was better for backing and going forward. I personally prefer Clinton's! 

I forgot I haven't mentioned this but I got a huge surprise yesterday! I got a text from Mrs. Davis that I had a present from her and Sarah in the barn! I found a gift bag with my name on it and a whip (stick and string) right next to it. What I got inside was a No Worries Clinton Anderson hat (I'm never gonna take it off!), lunge line, Clinton Anderson halter, and another halter but not Clinton's although it also came with the lead (those two pieces are turquoise too, my favorite color). I'm so excited that I'm getting to start my own tack collection! So far they seem to come in black and turquoise, even my gloves have those colors. 

I'm so thankful I got those presents!! :D I'm actually working on an art project of Ruby and Sarah using one of the photos I took of them when I was in Nevada. Hopefully they'll like that!