Future Ideas and Today's Problems

Next summer or sooner I want to start new things with Ruby and Sugar. One idea that has been in my mind a lot is getting them in the water. I have lakes, rivers, ponds and creeks where I live so finding a place to swim in will be easy. I've been learning the Fundamentals and also found a video on getting the horses in the water as well. And it's by Clinton too! Score!  

In this video, he's training a rescued horse named Cider. There are more videos on Cider's training that I've watched as well. Maybe I could get the horses in the water this year if it stays warm but if it's not possible, l I'm looking forward to try it in the summer time. Another goal is to get them trail riding. I have been riding Ruby a couple of times since she was back but's it been hard now with both horses. 

A big problem I have with them both back now is Sugar feels like she's the boss and gets jealous of Ruby very often. Every time I bring Ruby back into the paddock from training, Sugar would come running up. As soon as I open that gate, Sugar would pin her ears back at Ruby and often chase her out of my hands. When that happens, I have to be careful of where I'm standing because Ruby or Sugar could run over me. So it gets pretty wild...

The last time I went to get Ruby, Sugar came up while I was putting her halter on and chased her away. I decided to do some chasing myself. I kept at a slow but threatening pace toward Sugar and made her run around the paddock while keeping her away from Ruby. It's amazing how I can use my body language on her! When I quit trying to chase her, I just relaxed, looked as if nothing mattered and walk up to her without her running away. If I wanted her to move I've learned to 'ask politely' and if she doesn't respond, I take it a notch higher. Horses talk the same language.

And of course another problem with both of them at the same time is extra work. But that's not much to complain about and I'm so happy to have them both back. Although I do admit I take to Ruby more.