Fundamental Riding lesson: One rein stops

My last lesson with Shelbi was on Thursday the 16th. It was also the last day before the weather got worse (except for one partly sunny day in between). We did riding this time! We did ground work for the first half and then we rode. Shelbi had me practice the one rein stops at all three gates. We actually ended up doing almost only one rein stops because Ruby and I still had a lot to learn. Ruby was rusty and I wasn't very balanced when I did one rein stops at a canter. In fact, I don't canter as much as I should, so I needed to loosen up and go with the flow. 

We did the riding in the round pen with Shelbi in the middle. At the starting lesson of the canter she wanted me to get used to it so she lunged Ruby.  There was no one riding her and I had to rub all over her while she cantered around. I don't sit up straight enough in the saddle (especially at a canter) and I don't keep my heels down in the stirrups all the time...

If Ruby doesn't respond to me relaxing at a walk (cue to stop) then there's no way she's going to respond when cantering. We got a few good stops at a walk and a few slow downs trotting but other than that we didn't get anything better (which is normal). 

In the past when I rode her I was actually able to get really good stops just by relaxing in the saddle. Ruby even took a few steps back on a few of them. She did some at a trot as well but since I didn't canter as much, I didn't get anything out of that. The more I ride, the better the both of us will get!