Day two: Foggy mornings

Day 2: 

(Picture took by Noelle Harris)
Foggy on the walk there

This morning Simeon and I got up early to leave to the horses. It was really foggy which was very cool. We couldn’t even see the big barn at the horses until we got very near it.

 When we did get there, Mrs. Fenwick wasn’t there yet. But her husband was so he showed us inside the big barn where everyone at the EQ center kept their hay. 

We got two nets full of hay and we started to walk to the paddock where Lena and Peppy were kept. But then Mrs. Fenwick came up with her bike and we all walked together. 
Mrs. Fenwick showed us how the horses eat from the hay nets.

 She hung them in the little stable and Lena would eat from the hay net by taking little bits of hay in between the net. Mrs. Fenwick went into the other paddock and hung the other net for Peppy while Simeon and I scooped the poop.
(Picture by Noelle Harris)

 It was kind of fun scooping the poop, and when we were done we pushed the wheelbarrow to the poop pile that was framed with wood all around. We emptied the poop all by ourselves.

 Then we went back to brush the horses. Mrs. Fenwick showed us how to brush the horses and showed us where the parts on the horse that are sensitive so we have to brush lightly. Then while we were brushing she cleaned the dirt out of the hoofs. 

She said they have to change their shoes every 8 or 10 weeks. After brushing we fed them pieces of apples. 
We had to make our hands as flat as we could so they wouldn’t eat our fingers too. Peppy was allergic to carrots and some other grasses, so they had to give him shots once in awhile so he wouldn’t get sick. 

So we had to go after that but we learned a lot. Mrs. and Mr. Fenwick were going to have visitors so they had to go.