Finding Surprises and Solving the Problem

In my last post I said I was having trouble backing Ruby. I went down to muck the paddock and clean the trough and had a little time left over to play around with the horses. I brushed and combed Ruby and Sugar and then took out the stick and string. I used the stick and string to back up both of the horses. Sugar, of course, did a great job but Ruby wasn't any better. I worked a little with her and had to make the level of pressure higher on her until she moved. I think it was because I was afraid of scaring her if I got the pressure higher and she found out I was so she became disrespectful. This time though I took it a few steps further and surprised her that I was really able to get rough with her if she doesn't listen to me. In fact after that she started responding faster! I hope I'll be tough enough to do it when we're outside the paddock. I think I feel worried not wanting anything to go wrong and then mess up showing Ruby loopholes where she can boss me around. 

For some reason I pointed her off as if to lunge her but of course I was in a wide rectangle shaped paddock with her off lead so she could run off if she chose to. But she surprised me! She trotted a circle around me as if I had a invisible lunge line or she was following the fence line of the round pen. I just went along with it very pleased and wasn't sure how she'd react if I tried changing her direction. She tried coming to me without me asking, like she did in the round pen and I was afraid she'd go to her bossy pushy self again. I asked her to back up and she did and then I pointed her off again without any problem. I was only able to do this a very short time because my time ran out. It was also dark the whole time I got her to lunge for me so I thought it would be harder for her to see my body language. 

But I was very impressed with her that night! And hopefully I'll see what she does again if I lunge her freely today. :D