Dentist/Vet (3)

Today Ruby and Sugar were scheduled for their vaccinations so I was to meet the vet at the stables. Jessie (the neighboring horse) and Ruby got their teeth floated as well, that was interesting to watch. 

The vet had his assistant with him (and his adorable dog!!) while they gave the shots and teeth.

 For giving the shots the vet showed me how there needed to be someone holding the horse while he gave the shot either from the neck or rump. He'd check the horse all over and also to see how the horse reacted from the different positions he walked around the horse. If the horse was nervous or tensed up when he walked behind him/her than he'd know the horse wouldn't like the needle and have a higher chance of striking or kicking. 

Floating the horses' teeth was more interesting. Both horses got anesthetic before the vet worked on their teeth. I have to admit though, it was pretty funny to see them looking drunk and staggering around, but also sad and pitiful. 

The vet showed me different files he used for the teeth. Jessie's teeth were pretty sharp and the vet showed us (Jessie's owner and me) where they rubbed and jabbed on her mouth from chewing. Jessie doesn't work in any way and is more of a pet so she hasn't had a bit in her mouth for I don't know how long. She's 14 years old and had something wrong in her leg in the past to where she couldn't carry a rider. It sounds like she's only had her teeth floated once which was a bad experience (past vet wasn't a good vet). But since Jessie only uses her teeth for mostly chewing and not in riding with a bit, it wasn't too bad. But some of her teeth were long a sharp! 

Ruby's teeth weren't as bad. She was very funny to watch though! After taking the anesthetic I watched Ruby to see how fast it would kick in. It was pretty fast! She started slowing down, dragging her feet and hanging her head. She could hardly walk and even standing looked like a lot of work. The funniest part was where she had her hind legs crossed and when she as led out she looked like she came out of a bar! Sugar was also funny prancing around in her paddock trying to figure out what we were doing with her pal.

While a few other horses got their vaccinations I groomed Ruby how was still half asleep and hosed Sugar down. After feeding the horses Ruby started waking up and walking around (thanks to some help of bossy Sugar). 

The vet said to give the horses a day off tomorrow so I won't be able to work them. I'm also doing lighter/less work on Ruby because she needs to gain more weight. Sugar on the other hand I have the day after tomorrow! I also have Rose the new horse I'm working so at least I won't be bored without Ruby ;)