Day six: The Farrier

In the morning Simeon and I went to the EQ center. We scooped poop and gave a pat to Lena and Peppy. Mrs. Fenwick already finished feeding them, and cleaning their shoes. Mr. Fenwick was also there, and the Fenwicks said there was a farrier coming a little later on that morning. 

I have heard of a farrier before in a history book, but I forgot what it was. Mrs. Fenwick told us it was man who put horse’s shoes on, or clipped their nails. In fact, a couple of days ago there was a farrier who came down to the EQ center and was changing a horse’s shoes. So Simeon and I said we would be glad to come down and watch the farrier clip and take off Lena’s and Peppy’s shoes. 

                                                                                             ~ *~later~*~

Simeon, Caleb (our older brother), and I walked down to the horses to watch the Farrier. Caleb is very interested in metal stuff and knife making, things like that, so he wanted to watch (and maybe get a few old horse shoes). Mrs. Fenwick was holding Lena still while the farrier took off Lena’s shoes. 
(Picture by Noelle Harris)
He also filed her nails. 
(Picture by Noelle Harris)

Then Mrs. Fenwick told me to put Lena back and get Peppy for his turn. When I was leading Lena, I noticed she was walking weird and half limped on the way. Mrs. Fenwick told me she was barefoot and she wasn’t used to it at all. Mrs. Fenwick also said she had something wrong with her right leg. 
Peppy is always trying to eat the grass on the way when I lead him for his turn. Mrs. Fenwick showed me to pull the lead every time he does that because he wasn’t supposed to eat on the way. 

The farrier did the same to Peppy as he did to Lena. And I must say their hooves look very clean. Caleb talked to the farrier a lot too. At the end Caleb even got Lena and Peppy’s horse shoes to make knifes out of them! And not only that but the farrier gave him old rasps (the file things that was used to clip there hoofs). It started to rain and so I put Peppy back in the paddock. I called my dad to pick us up, because it was really wet. And we would be SO wet if we walked all the way back up the hills to our house. 

So that is what happened today! Not only that but Mrs. Fenwick said we could come down in the afternoon 4:00pm! Mr. Fenwick came after the farrier left, and he talked to Caleb about the black smith knife making stuff. So me, Simeon and Caleb had a GREAT time!