Day seven: Who's the leader

Day 7:

Simeon and I were late today. Now we don’t even have to say anything but “Hi” to Mrs. Fenwick! We just go to work as soon as we get there. It seems like we went there for years and this was just part of another day. 

But the thing was did seem different is that Lena and Peppy where acting whiny around their food. When Mrs. Fenwick tried to pet them once Peppy tried to bite and pull away.

 Now Peppy and Lena almost never do a thing like that to their master. So Peppy got a slap on the cheek by Mrs. Fenwick. Now that may seem mean but it isn’t really. They have to learn from the leader (Mrs. Fenwick). If now they would be the boss and start doing what they wanted. Which is very bad for them.

 Of course they knew who was leader. And after that Peppy looked like a little kid in big trouble. He was stronger and bigger then Mrs. Fenwick, but she was the boss. But after awhile he went back to eating his hay. Mrs. Fenwick said he tried to bite because he didn’t like it when people were petting him while he was eating. 

But she said they have to learn to be around people and let them pet them at anytime. Lena did almost the same thing to Mrs. Fenwick like Peppy did. She didn’t try to bite, but she kept pulling her face away from her. 

And then she started to walk away from her just because she wanted to pet her face. Mrs. Fenwick followed until Lena stopped and let Mrs. Fenwick pet her face. Lena listened after that. 

It reminded me of our dog Diego. He died 2014 October . But when he was still alive, he would sometimes be bossy around the younger kids. He knew they were scared of him sometimes so he could do what he wanted to. 

He was really a very good dog though, but sometimes when he saw his chance he would push or run fast past us. That is sometimes really scary because he was HUGE dog. But when my dad walks out he either runs away if he was caught doing it, or he was sit still as if nothing happened. I really miss him a lot. 

Diego was even bigger than my dad if he stood on his hind legs. He was really strong too. Just like Peppy and Lena where huge and strong but they always listened to their leader.   

(Picture by Harris family)

Anyways Mrs. Fenwick gave me a magazine about horses. So that is something to read! That is enough for today!