Cruising Lesson Outside

Lately almost all my training and riding have been outside the arena. This is because, they either been trained enough and don't actually need to be in the arena or their training is now set up outside the arena. Like for instance; trail riding and the obstacle course. Even if I'm doing simple riding exercises I still like to take the horses out to a field where there would be distractions so I could work on both. They're trained enough now to where almost any distraction/spook is very easily handled. But everything had to start in the arena.

The cruising lesson (I've talked about many times before) is really important to me. It definitely helped me get comfortable when I was a beginner rider. When I was really starting out I had a hard time cantering. I've trotted so much that became a piece of cake! But since the horses I started out on hadn't had many miles under their feet my confidence was lost when the horse, instead of taking off at a nice easy lope would usually tear into a gallop. But since I've done the cruising lessons many times it's amazing how easy, gentile and long a horse can go without stopping till you tell them. 

Sugar has an amazing lope! It also seems like she can go on forever unless I tell her to stop. I've been working the lesson outside the arena in a favorite field of mine. I like the field because there's hardly any squirrel holes, there's roads almost surrounding it so there's cars going by often enough, there's a whole set up with a park, lake, community pool, club building and more. Having her able to listen calmly to me instead of all distractions around her is really nice. Especially a horse like Sugar (reactive and used-to-be arena horse only).