Cold Sunday

Last Sunday I went down to have a nice ride on Ruby. Unfortunately it started raining and Ruby had enough energy to decide to argue with me. Colder weather effects horses and I often see them running around and bucking, which is really cool to watch. 

Like I said when I was leading Ruby, he started acting up and even tried nipping me when I backed her up. She wanted to graze on the way and when I didn't allow her she got a little upset. It started raining harder so I changed plans and walked her back to the paddock. Instead I had her back up and follow me around the paddock for a little while. After that I cleaned the paddock and headed for home. 

I would have worked with her more, most likely without riding and just ground work if it wasn't Sunday. I'm not sure about the rain though, I'd think if it was heavy enough it wouldn't work as well since she'd barely be able to pay attention. And, she might be friskier and uncooperative.

Today (Monday), I went down again but not to ride. It's about the same weather, cloudy and at the end it started raining. I came down to clean the paddock and then worked a little with Ruby who followed me around while I was cleaning. I kept her in the paddock and instead of putting on any halter or rope I got the whip/stick and string and had her following me around. When we stopped I desensitized her and if she got too much into my space I backed her up. She was very lovable that day and stayed close to me been interested in everything I did. At the end before I left I opened the gate part way and let her graze on the grass there, keeping the space out between us so she couldn't walk out. 

Sugar stayed in the shed most of the time and I came to her once in awhile to rub her. So most of the time I spent there, I loved on them. I love it when Ruby follows me!