Building A New Tack Room

Recently we've been building a new tack room in the new paddock!! Gail was able to get two paddocks side by side and decided to make one of the stalls (since we have two now) into a tack room. The tack room is actually designed so the horse can still go in for shelter but part of it is closed off by a gate, that's where we'd keep our tack and everything else (besides the feed).

And since Gail is in charge, it's going to look pretty fancy! In fact it's pretty much going to look like a dressing room! She got a bunch of different decorations for the walls (including a mirror) as well as hooks and shelves for the tack itself. Yesterday evening we worked on painting the walls in the inside a light creamy yellow. She also got some curtains that would drape down to stop any rain from coming in, but will be pushed to the side in the summertime. And of course the curtains have to have rose designs because we're going all out. 

We already have saddle racks that we'll put in there when we finish and some hooks that will be put up on the walls after they've been painted completely. Plus shelves and decorations ;)

The floor/ground started out with just pee gravel but we put down a big wood piece. The gate was welded to fit and it's awesome!!!