Another Morning

This morning I woke early again to go down to the horses. I got there to feed Rose and Cody and then I went to Ruby and Sugar's paddock. Mrs. Davis came down to feed them so we got there around the same time. 

She fed them and I scooped and groomed while they ate. I actually didn't take Ruby out like I planned but instead worked a little with Sugar in the paddock. Mrs. Davis was working with her while I scooped and then she had to go so I took over. I did lunging with her, and noticed every time I started with her or changed her direction she would back up instead. Every time I tried turning her away so she could trot in a circle she would back away from me. In one way, this was great that she could back up so well, but I wasn't asking her that and didn't want it either. I did learn that if I tapped her shoulders, I was able to get her the right way. Only sometimes she was too far away for my stick to reach her. So I worked with her a little closer and that worked well. 

I have to go back and watch the DVDs to get the full answer. I especially want to know how far away I am supposed to stand.