Ambassador Shelbi

Last year in September I went to Nevada where Ruby was going through a 6 week fundamental training with one of Clinton Anderson's ambassadors, Sarah. I got a lesson with Sarah where she showed me what she did with Ruby those 6 weeks and mostly to help me with the training myself. It was only for one day and although it was amazing I needed more help. Mrs. Davis felt the same. 

Sarah was going to come around April and teach a group of us at our EQ center. That was sadly put off because most of the other equestrian people in the group that we recruited were going to be too busy. And then I got surprised when I heard Shelbi was coming! Shelbi is another ambassador, I got to meet her January 22 and we all (Shelbi, Mrs. Davis, my mom and I) planned out private lessons. I'll get a private lesson which I think is better for me since she'll be only be focusing on me and I'll learn more that way than just watching. I get more than one or two lessons and I think Shelbi is really good at teaching. I need to save my money for each lesson and I want to get as many lessons as I can before she leaves because I don't know when I'll get professional help like that again. 

Shelbi talks a lot and I like how she explains things to make it as easy as possible to understand. When I have a question I seem to make a simple question turn into a really confusing one so I like how especially Shelbi can answer my questions before I ask them out loud.

I've already had my first and second lesson on the 24th and 25th of January. One of my first notes I took in my head was about the training halter. I knew a little why the two knots on the noseband were there on Clinton's halter but never thought they had to be put in any place in particular. I always tied the halter on more tightly than loosely so the two knots on the noseband were higher on her face. This was okay if I was tying her to a post but Shelbi showed me that I have to have it lower down when i'm training her. She had me feel down her face on her bone and just were it got soft on her nose was where the two knots were supposed to be. They're pressure points, which means I can add more pressure on that so she doesn't want to pull against it. But I don't want the knots too low to where they're clogging her breathing and she freaks out, especially if she's winded. 

During my second lesson I did yielding the hindquarters. Shelbi had me do it to show her how I'd usually do it alone with Ruby. When I did it in front of her I was so focused on getting her feet to cross that I forgot to have her 'anchor foot' stay still. Her 'anchor foot' is the forefoot nearest to me. 'Yielding the hindquarters' is getting her hindquarters to move away from me while we're turning in a circle. Her hind feet are supposed to cross while they go around and her forefeet turn as well but the one nearest to me. So basically all her feet move in a circle while her anchor foot stays in one spot and 'drills' around. Anyway, I kind of forgot to keep that anchor foot still so Shelbi showed me a trick to keep it that way. Every time she started to move that foot I'm to jerk on the rope to make it a tighter turn. 

I also learned a new exercise. I did yielding the forequarters for the first time. Even though it's in the Fundamentals videos, I haven't actually tried it. I don't think I've watched it yet either. It's different from the hindquarters. I stand in front right in the middle of her neck and hold the stick horizontally parallel in front of her neck. When yielding the hindquarters I add pressure by tapping the air. For the forequarters I do it similarly but since I'm holding it with two hands horizontally I move it back and forth like tapping the air. Ruby moves her forefeet around and I think I'm not doing too badly for a first try. Shelbi said she will test me a lot. It's a higher chance Ruby will pretend not to know how to do it than it is me thinking I'm doing something wrong (what she wants me to think so I give up).