About That Day (9)

The past two days I didn't ride/work or see the horses because we had company for the 4th of July. But the day before they came I worked both horses from early morning till a little past noon (besides cleaning stalls). I haven't worked Ruby as much as Sugar partly because she had a shoulder issue. That day her health was fine and I did a lot of ground work;


Lunging for respect stage 1 and 2

Backing (most methods)


Circle driving

and a little of yielding hindquarters and forequarters.

Starting the lunging with Ruby I did after desensitizing her and saddling her. I knew she would have a little bit of an attitude because she hasn't been worked recently. I've noticed that lunging for respect stage 2 is where she (or any horse who already knows it) would show the most kinks. She did buck a little when I asked her to change directions. This is almost the only time she would toss her head, kick or buck (Ruby isn't dangerous :P).

I rode her as well. She does her stops much better than Sugar does and rates my seat okay. But she doesn't keep her gait the same steady pace as Sugar does. She often slows or speeds and most often takes a gait down. So I need to work with her on that.  

Sugar I did the same training. Except with her I did a little more. I love Sugar's long smooth gaits and she never changes it, slows down or speeds up unless I ask her. She doesn't stop very well and that is probably on the top list of things I need to work with her on. I also did the obstacle course with her too. As far as fear goes Sugar is doing amazing. I still need to work on my lining up with jumps or obstacles and when to keep my feet still. 

For fun and for training (but mostly for fun) I stood on the horses. I also can lay down on them and jump or slip off them from any side of their body. This helps the horses with trust and desensitizing. Whipping the ground and walking around the horses while they stood there is also great desensitizing. I just need a bull whip now! Man can those things make noise!