Riding lessons

I got riding lessons a few days ago and it was really fun! I rode on a horse named Trigger, the name was from a famous cow boy’s horse.  I even got new cow girl boots too! 

Anyway the riding wasn’t that hard. But I think putting on the saddle and stuff was hard for me to remember! But learning how to ride wasn’t that hard at all! I thought it was going to be very hard for me to get into the saddle, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I just put my left foot in the stirrup and swing my right foot over and onto the horse. You have to swing your right high over. It’s hard to remember that and do it, but my teacher told me to think of it as the saddle was on fire and you had to pull your leg high over the fire. 

Before I started riding, my teacher took me out to the arena and showed me how to “Lunge." Lunging is to warm up the horse and make it a bit tired before I got into the saddle so he wouldn’t be too wild. Lunging is when a horse circles around you. (I saw Mrs. Fenwick do this often with Peppy or Lena). You have different commands for the horse to understand how fast you want him to go. And I knew from Mrs. Fenwick that you always have to stay at the shoulder of the horse. 

Making a clicking sound tells the horse to trot around you. If you say “woah!” It tells the horse to stop. And if you make a kissing with your lips the horse will ‘lope’. Loping is a little faster than trotting. It goes from ‘Walk’ ‘Trot’ ‘Lope’ and ‘Gallop’. So when that was finished I got to ride!

Then when I was on the horse, it was high but not as scary as I thought it would be. 

First I rode with the lead that my teacher held while telling me how to ride. I first learned how to go and stop. I kick my boots into Trigger’s sides to make him go. And the more I do it the faster he goes. To stop, I pull on the reins until he stopped. By now I had no lead so my teacher told me to ride five steps and then make him stop. I did but sometimes I wasn’t very good at it. 
Then she made me ride backwards by pulling on the reins and pressing my boots onto his sides hard until he walked backwards. She had me ride five steps and then stop. 

(Picture took by Renee Harris)

A picture of me, my teacher and Trigger. (about to start the lunging)