Day five: Hand feeding

This morning Simeon and I walked down to the EQ center. Mrs. Fenwick as usual was already down there hooking up the hay nets. She cleaned their hooves with a hoof pick. 

The little metal thing sticking out of the side is to help clean horse’s hooves. The metal stick is used for scraping dirt and rocks out of a horse’s hooves. She cleans them two times a day. Most people do it once a day, but Lena and Peppy like to play around and get dirty fast. Mostly Lena does that though! Anyway, the brush part of the tool helps dust any dirt out of the horse’s hooves. They both do the same thing but the metal pick help mostly. Mrs. Fenwick also has another of the same tool, but it is without the brush. In fact she has a couple of them. 

When Simeon and I were done with scooping the poop, Mrs. Fenwick finished with cleaning the hoofs. I am an expert with scooping the poop now! I can get a lot more poop on my rake than ever before! And I know how to get the big rocks out easier and faster! I know where the hardest place to scoop poop and I am getting much faster! Lena seems to be the hardest when it comes to poop scooping though. She always poops in the hardest places! Peppy on the other hand is WAY easier. For one thing he doesn’t poop in random places like Lena does. He always has it in two places (which are easy places) and we know where to go scoop poop instead of wasting are time looking all around in the paddock. 

Also today I brought two pieces of apples with me. I had cut a apples up for my breakfast today and I saved two pieces for Lena and Peppy. I knew that I should make them small pieces or else it is harder for the horses to eat it. You have to put their hand out flat so the horse can eat it, and not your hands also. If you don't he/she might also eat your fingers. 
(Picture by Noelle Harris)
 I used to be VERY afraid a long time ago when I used to give an apple to a horse that was owned by a friend. (I ended up throwing it on the ground instead of hand feeding it to the horses) I was always afraid the horses would bite me. But now it’s like an every day thing! And it makes no sense that I was so afraid! 

So we petted the horses and then my mom and dad came to see if we wanted a ride back up. Well, we where done anyways so we rode in the car back home. Mrs. Fenwick told us that every morning at 8:00am we can come down to the horses! And 4:00pm in the afternoon we can also go down! So this is it for today!