Day four: Hay barn

Day 4:

Today was a lot of learning! Simeon and I thought that today she might not call so I slept in. But just when I was going to read my book, there was a phone call from Mrs. Fenwick. She said to be down there at 8:00 am and it was 7:30! I got out of bed and got ready to leave. We knew we would be late so my mom drove us down instead of walking down.

 It was cold again but not as cold as yesterday. She had already hung the hay nets and we started to get the wheelbarrow and went to scoop the poop. When we where done and finished dumping the poop, Mrs. Fenwick showed us in the big barn where all the hay was kept.
The Fenwicks have the most hay of all the others at the EQ center. She told us why they kept so much hay. It was because Peppy couldn’t eat some of the hay that the other horses eat because he gets sick from it easily.

 So they got a little bit different hay than the others. Lena was fine with the other hay but she ate the same as Peppy. The reason they kept so much of the hay, was that the place where they get the hay would run out during the winter. Even now they couldn’t grow anymore until summer so Mrs. Fenwick would run out really soon. 

Instead she bought a lot of that hay so they wouldn’t have to run out until July! She showed how much hay she puts in the hay nets and she filled two hay nets for tonight in case she was in a hurry. She showed us how they know how much to put in the hay nets by taking a ‘leaf’ (as she called it) from the hay bale. It was as if the hay was cut into pieces like a cake or store bought bread. You know when you get some store bought bread and sometimes it would be cut in pieces already for you. 

That is how it was in the hay! She just got one of the ‘leaves’ and that would be enough for one meal! She said one bale of hay would feed a horse one week! The kind she buys costs $16 a bale.  And she had so many bales of hay! There where also different hay bales that were for cows. Of course she didn’t have any, but I have seen it before! There like big marshmallows! They're not for horses because it is unhealthy for them. 

Horse’s hay has to be clean while cows, goats, sheep or any other animal like that, doesn’t have to have it be that clean. Horses always have to have it in a bin or a hay net because there is a lot of dirt and they might poop in it. That is bad for them and could make them very sick! But the marshmallow bales are used for cows. 

Then there was also two bins full of food stuff. It was to feed the horses kind of like vitamins to them. They love it like we love candy. There were two different vitamin buckets. One just looked like a bunch of pieces of grass mixed up. Which it partly was, but that the grass stuff was good for the horses. The other stuff looked like dog food, or more like bird feed that wasn’t in seeds. This was better for the horses than the other grass stuff, and I have seen it before.

Then she showed us a hay tool.  (Picture by Noelle Harris)

She uses these to help her lift hay bales around. She likes the swinging hay tool (the one on left) because like I said it swings. Or the handle swings more like. Mr. Fenwick made her a couple of hay tools to help. 

I also noticed that they have squirrel traps! In fact almost all of the horse people had squirrel traps! They all don’t like squirrels so they had a lot this summer and fall. 

So anyways we had learned a lot from Mrs. Fenwick today. She even needed more shavings for the horses stables. Those are used for bedding. 
The picture may look like it is big, but the shavings are really small and cut up well. It is kind of like a mattress for horses. Without that, they could hurt themselves when they lay down. Mrs. Fenwick even showed us a couple of days ago that they could get cut very bad! In fact Peppy had a mad cut from laying down.

He had been walking out and in of the stable and the shavings would be shuffled around outside. And the worst is when he brings in rocks and stuff from his hoofs. The cut was actually from a rock that got inside the stable! Mrs. Fenwick put some weird jelly stuff on it so it would heal faster. And also the jelly stuff kept the flies away because they hated that smell. 

So that is a lot of what we have been learning so far. And Mrs. Fenwick said she might ride up to our house with Peppy or Lena today!!!  So that is all for today!