Day three: Frozen weather

This is the third day! Today was even colder than the second day we went out to the horses. It wasn't foggy, but it was so cold! Simeon was with me and it was hard for him. He was so cold and almost wished he didn't come.  He forgot to bring gloves and he didn't have a hood, so his hands and ears where really cold. My nose was the only thing that was really cold and felt like it was frozen. 

When we got to the EQ center, Mrs. Fenwick was already carrying the two nets of hay. 

We walked with her to Lena and Peppy and we saw her husband. Just as Simeon and I started with the poop scooping in Peppy's paddock, our mom and dad came. We knew that the Fenwicks were in a hurry to leave so we didn't go and greet our parents.

 But they left soon anyways so we took a break when we were done and pet Peppy. He was so soft! And warm! I let Simeon use the gloves when we where poop scooping so my hands were cold. 

So it was so nice to have my hands on Peppy's warm coat! Then we went into Lena's paddock and finished that. It was kind of cool to see the water with a thin layer of ice.

 In fact lots of things where frozen! Even our hands! When Simeon and I dumped the load of horse poop, Simeon noticed that the gloves I let him use had frosted ice on it. We couldn't do any more help right now because the Fenwicks had to leave. And there wasn't really anything else to do!

So we climbed Rattlesnake Hill back home. The sun was out so it was nice, and it warmed our back on the way up. And we were even hot by the time we were at the top. So that was all for today.