Learning on the first day

Day 1:

Today my brother Simeon and I went down to the equestrian center to see Mrs. Fenwick. She is going to teach us things about horses, like not to go behind them, how to scoop the poop easier, and so on. 

First we scrubbed two big troughs of water and made it clean.
 She said tomorrow we can brush the horses! She even showed me how to lead a horse and to keep my feet not too close to the horse’s feet or they might stepped on. 

I had boots but Simeon didn’t, so I was allowed to lead and he wasn’t. He was wearing tennis shoes so Mrs. Fenwick told Simeon it would hurt bad if he got stepped on by a horse. Mrs. Fenwick had two horses, a brown horse and a gray horse. 
The gray mare’s name is Lena and she is 10. The brown stallion’s name is Peppy and he is 9. But he is bigger than Lena and likes to go faster. Lena can stand still better and doesn’t want to always gallop. 

Mrs. Fenwick had a cookie tin full of rocks and shook it near Lena. Lena hates that tin because of its loud sound. She would jolt away and get very scared, but after awhile of training, Mrs. Fenwick got Lena to relax when she shook the tin. Even when she put the tin over her back and shook it, Lena stood still. 

Then she told us that she once took a tarp out to see if Lena was scared of it. Lena wasn’t at all scared of the tarp and walked right over it. Peppy on the other hand was really scared of the tarp.  He wouldn’t go near it. But when Mrs. Fenwick tried the tin with the rocks, he didn’t mind at all. So Lena and Peppy are different in many ways. 

They're both really great and I don’t know which one I like more! She showed many ways of training and my mom even came down to watch. One of the training she did was she put Lena in a round ring and she made her go around and around. She pointed her finger one way and Lena followed that direction always going around the ring. 

Mrs. Fenwick could even make Lena go faster or slower, or signal for her to come in. She said that when she goes around the ring, horses always have their right foot leading when they are galloping if they are going the right way. When she makes Lena turn the left way around her left foot leads. She has been telling us many things about horses! So I can’t wait until I get on one! She said we need to get used to them, and they get used to us. 

So that is what I have learned the first day! And there are more days to come!

(Picture took by Noelle Harris)
(Picture took by Renee Harris)